Gary L. Smith, M.D., P.C.
Gary L. Smith, MD, PC

Medical Records

Your medical records will be maintained and available to you as prescribed by law and local custom. Obtaining copies of your records to facilitate your further care is a relatively simple process. The law requires that we have written, signed request from the patient in order to legally transfer your HIPAA protected records. Elsewhere in this website is a form that can be downloaded, completed and mailed to us at the Johnson Ferry Road address. Even after the office is formally closed, mail will continue to be forwarded to me. I would ask and suggest that if you desire to have a copy of your records, this request should be made as early as possible. While we are still in the office, retrieval, review and copying is relatively straightforward. Once the Johnson Ferry Road office is closed, the records will be moved to an off-site storage facility and access to those records will be much more arduous and will result in a small fee for this service.

Prudence demands that I maintain copies of your records for my own medical legal protection. Accordingly it is my intention to, where possible, scan your records into a PDF file that I will keep and then give you the original chart. We can either mail you the chart at a cost of $25 or make arrangements for you to come by the office or another location and pick them up at a convenient time.

As an alternative we could make a copy of the PDF file and place it on a disk that could be mailed to you considerably cheaper than the original file. The original chart would then be earmarked for shredding at the next scheduled opportunity. It is anticipated that the great majority of the records will be shredded by 2021.