Gary L. Smith, M.D., P.C.
Gary L. Smith, MD, PC

Medical Provider Referral

Who will take over your medical care as of 1 July? I have provided below a list of groups and individuals who I know and trust that are in the East Cobb/North Atlanta area that might be available to assume your care. I believe that you can, with confidence, contact these groups with the full expectation that your needs will be met with the same degree of care and diligence that you come to expect from my practice.

The majority of OB/GYN practices in our community do not accept new Medicare and Medicaid patients. When calling one of these individuals or groups, your very first question should be do you take my insurance. Please be very careful in this time of high deductibles and co-pays to be very definite with your new provider that they accept your specific plan. Do not make assumptions.

Most physician practices that are associated with WellStar accept almost all of the Medicaid programs as well as Medicare and most Medicare advantage programs. I am aware of a new OB/GYN group moving into the WellStar building on Upper Roswell Road. Their information can be obtained through the WellStar website.

  • North Atlanta Women's Specialists 770-977-1510
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology of Atlanta 770-565-2198
  • Peachtree Women's Health 404-255-8022
  • Steve Blank 404-256-2277
  • Brett Lewis 404-255-3633
  • Clement Hsiao 770-777-4933
  • Andrew Dott 404-250-1350
  • Lisa Vinokur 770-754-4445
  • Jordan Rush 404-255-2057
  • Lawrence Weinstein 404-255-2057
  • Sherry Taylor 404-255-3663
  • CIMA 404-250-9309

CIMA is an international clinic operating on the north side of town out of five different clinic facilities that provides obstetrical care predominately. They do accept Medicaid and all of the Medicaid HMOs. It is predominantly a midwife driven facility that has an excellent reputation within the community. This is an organization in which I have been actively involved over the last three year period of time.