Gary L. Smith, M.D., P.C.
Gary L. Smith, MD, PC

Medical Legal

I will be continuing in my practice of medical legal consulting and providing expert witness services to those who request. If you have my current address, email address and phone number, those will remain functional for quite some time. On an ongoing basis you will be given other contact methods that I will be using. The General Email Address, (, will be the best route for initial contact. If you would please, in any email communication with me put the words "medical legal" in the subject box. Once contact is established, personal Phone numbers and Email addresses will be provided.

It is my intention to continue in the practice of medicine by doing locum tenens work. I am hopeful that the moderate arthritis that I have in my hands will continue to be successfully treated and allow me to continue to work in this capacity for several more years. I am advised by many of my clients in the various states that locum tenens work will allow me to maintain my expert witness credentials under most circumstances. I am acutely aware that Tennessee has some special locality rules that I will need to pay particular attention to in my acceptance of locum positions. My credentials to review your case are based on my status as of the date of the event, which should be relatively easy to determine on our initial contact. I do not expect that the traveling nature of my locum tenens work will interfere with my ongoing participation with your cases. Dates and locations for depositions can be agreed upon relatively easily. My availability for trial on very short term notice could be a problem, but not an insurmountable one. As always, I will continue to be as flexible as possible.

At this time I do not plan on taking any locum's positions outside of the country, although they could twist my arm and send me to Hawaii or Alaska during the summer. I do, however, plan to do some personal travel out of the country, as well as within the country. (Route 66 and the Bob Jones Tour are calling my name). Spending 6 to 10 weeks backpacking through the tundra of northern Alaska is not on my bucket list.

I will endeavor to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs.